Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Dark Photography

mobile photography

some of you sure think why all of my photography noticeably darker? minimun of color, and always dark.
i will giving my reason about that.
first i was used camera phone to make an photography. simple camera, simple lens, and simple lighting.
so, when i took the picture. on day or evening. i had not maximal color. when i put in photo editor. if i gave bright in my photos . it will be broken the color picture. but if i gave minimum level or brigth in my picture it will be good.. so as long as i still use mobile camera. i'll be making different photography.
but one day i had have profesional camera. wait my full color of photography
that is my original photography without editing
above is my photography withou editing in photo editor. minim color ang light. ussually i just gived minim light or bright in photo editor. and give some color balance.
i think photo is not necessarily good on color, but must be good in feel, concept, and story.
okguys thanks very much. im so sorry if my english still not good.
thanks thanks thanks.. happy holydays

Test Danboo Stop Motion from Mohammad Addin on Vimeo.
Happy Hollyday everyone. i was made an simple stop motion animation with my danboard. i think it's easy, but after i do that. ohhh. it's very difficulted. enjoyed guys

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Add caption
i was taked the picture 1 - 6 picture. but i just got 1 good picture i think. 
black and white photos with danboo as model
made in my self ^^ ... need 3 - 4 hours to maked it . helped by ny sister. 
black and white
taken early morning
i was taked the picture on the field. taked by my self. using timer in mobile setting. ussually i was maked a photography same with my feel. 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


teksture of big trees

Friendship from Mohammad Addin on Vimeo.
i just using mobile camera, and take 2 till 3 menit. and edited to be 20 second.
maybe one day in future i can make a great movie, and can be get Oscar Nomination  :D

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Street Photography

was taken when i was in the goat pen
they are feeding the goats
People in the Smoke


i was taken those picture at my garden.
relics of my grandfather. this plant has many uses. you can make traditional toys
G Photography
The Java Bamboo

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