Sunday, 19 January 2014

Pretty Flowers

a little Bud

acctually that is who purple flower were posted.
Macro Photography by Me

Colours of Life

a beautifull little flowers. this flower have sharp spines.
like cactus i think, 

i forget name of this flower

Beautiful Macro Mobile Photography

did you know the flower name?
in your country? i don;t know this flower, the leaves look like cannabis, but Not, that's not cannabis. it's different.
a beautiful colour of the flowers

Little Monster

what's your favorite monster character in the movie?
ussually an monster very disgusting and bad,

i think this little monster in the picture appropriate get Oscar Nomination in best costume h h h h LOL
taken in my garden

Macro Mobile Photography

#Photography #MobilePhotography #AmateurPhotography
im very happy because i've been able to make simple macro photography, but still not good.
taken when at my neighbour garden

Mohammad Addin
same flower like above but different color
just need creativity to make it. but it's not perfect. no problem we were do

Mobile Photography

Sunrise everywhere, yes! i'd like it. when i got it my feeling is so good.
anyone can see a bird in the image?
near from my village

Macro Mobile Photography

How To Make Macro Lens for Mobile Photography.
are you ready?
we no need money to make it. 
little spider at chilli leaves
but we shall be getting a good macro photography like professional macro photographer. but we can do it,
can make macro photos without profesional lens. 
an simple macro photography by my camera phone
ok, let's go..
the first seek bulb has been broken. holes in the top of bulb, then input the water into the bulb.

when you will be taking the picture. between the Lens (Bulb) to the Object must close. you can direct.
but we will not get a good macro photography like profesional macro photographer, because we not using profesional equipment. but we have tried to make it.
ok thanks very much.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Macro Mobile Photography

hi everyone, how are you?
i'd like macro photography. but i only have camera phone, can't make macro image. but i was got an idea. 
make simple micro lens, and take it
only using camera phone and free macro lens
acctually that is little tomato, was edited in level of light. to get a beautiful colours. 

Simple Macro Photography

no need professional lens, i only use scraps to make a micro lens. very easy to make it. but when we will take the picture, it's a little difficult.
i was take many picture with this "simple lens" and i got many blur or out of focus. must be becarefful when we used cameraphone.
cassava leaves, was took when at my garden
next time i will be sharing how to make simple micro lens, don't worry it's very simple, and you no need money to make, only need creativity 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Go Green

very amazing when our earth are Green everywhere. its amazing feel
Green Earth
this is our rice field


what's name of the flower in your country?
here the flowers call "Lavenda" but i don't know original name that flower.
because this flowers still rare in our village.
not everybody have this plant
this flowers blooms once a year

Art Of Photography

 i was made this picture when i gome from my activity ( study )
it's blur? yes. i've done it. it's effect was i make it
Dian Fossey
Blur Photography

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